We moved to Berryville!

Leesburg Dog is a licensed, home-based business that offers daycare and overnight care for large breed dogs in Berryville VA. Launched July 2014, we have become the premiere choice for people whose dogs are family members. If your large breed dog is accustomed to lounging on your sofa with you and sleeping in your bedroom or even on your bed, then Leesburg Dog is the perfect place for them.

Unlike traditional dog care providers, we offer the opportunity for your dog to live in our home while you travel. At Leesburg Dog, there are no kennels or dog runs. Your dog will have access to all of our house and our fenced yard. We will love and care for your dog as if they were our own. Your dog will have plenty of individual attention and will never be alone. 

Every dog must be evaluated before a first-time reservation can be confirmed. The evaluation involves an overnight visit so that we can see how your dog interacts with others, eats, sleeps, and eliminates in our environment when you are not with them. The fee for an overnight evaluation is $75.

We do not accept guests that experience severe separation anxiety, bark excessively, dig holes in our yard, mark in our house, or behave aggressively. We do not separate our guests; therefore they must get along.

The overnight care fee for new guests is $65 and up depending on your dog's special needs. If we determine that your dog requires no special attention (what we call an "easy keeper"), you may receive a reduced rate.

Rates for daycare depend on the number of days your dog stays with us each week. If your dog will stay with us four or more days each week, the rate is $30 per day. Two or three days per week is $35 per day. If your dog comes for daycare only sporadically, the rate is $40 per day. We do not accept unscheduled drop-ins. 

Drop-off and pick-up times are BY APPOINTMENT. For our returning guests who live in the Leesburg area, we are now offering taxi service - we will pick up and drop off your dog at your home so you don't have to drive to Berryville.

For more information about our dog care services or to schedule an appointment for your dog, please send a text to Sandy at 703.338.5123. We look forward to hearing from you.

See more dog photos on Sandy's Facebook page at sandy.nelson3662